How can I open a UK business bank account as a non resident?

Business banking available for all Non UK resident Directors and Shareholders

How can I open a UK business bank account as a non resident?

We have a number of options, often available without the need of traveling to the UK.

At Extra Direct, we specialise in helping Non UK residents open a UK business account, often without the need to travel here with the added benefit being that most accounts can be opened very quickly too. So when asked how can I open a UK business bank account as a non resident, our answer is normally very simple – allow us to check the marketplace and see what the best option that is available to you, as we have such a wide network of providers, we are sure to find one that will work best for your company.
With our Guaranteed Service we will open you a business account or fully refund your fee.

Quick approval

No personal visit required

Available regardless of the nature of your business

For ALL Non-UK residents


When applying for any Non Resident UK Business Accounts the key to all applications is that you must have:

A UK Limited Company

Photographic ID

Valid photographic identification with proof of home address and evidence of business
How can I open a UK business bank account as a non resident?
With most mainstream banks refusing to offer business accounts to non UK residents, it can be very difficult to get any business banking without some physical connection to the UK.

However we have a number of regulated business account providers who will consider non UK residents who have a UK Limited Company as long as they can provide suitable proof of Identity and have a legitimate business.

We can help with the application from start to finish by initially sourcing a provider who will accept your application right the way through to submission and acceptance.

In most circumstances, they will also process your application without the need to travel here, meaning everything can be completed by providing copies of all the necessary documentation.

All Non UK Residents Accepted for a UK Business Account who has a UK Limited Company

For more information on opening UK business bank accounts for ALL non-uk residents

Indian Residents

It is often very difficult for any Indian resident to open Non Resident UK Business Accounts facility however there are options available, all fully authorised and regulated by the FCA, often with no UK visit required. Options and availability are subject to T&Cs but are available for all non UK residents.