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Amazon Traders - Take Advantage of a relatively Underdeveloped Marketplace Called Europe!

The UK & Germany offers all established Amazon sellers one the best opportunities, with less competition and arguably potentially greater margins, now is the time to exploit this marketplace by selling Internationally into the UK and Europe.

Amazon Traders - Protect Your Existing Business by Spreading Your Risk

By expanding your business and selling Internationally into the UK, you will be protecting your existing business from any potential competitors or major changes in your existing marketplace so spreading your business risk

Amazon Traders - Don't worry about VAT, Compliance or the best corporate structure to use, we will deal with that!


We are the ‘Go To’ people who offers a One-Stop, Hand-Holding Service to Expand Your Business into the UK, Germany & Europe

Amazon Traders - We will Take Care of All your Regulatory Obligations


Don’t Worry About Opening or Operating a UK Registered Business, We are Here to Help from Registering Your Business to VAT and how to maximise your opportunity when selling Internationally into the UK,

Amazon Traders - Expansion Programs with help in every department

You have developed your products, so why not reach out to a greater audience and expand Internationally? We will help with all of your requirements, providing a helping hand all the way.


Amazon Traders - Want to Sell in the UK using your LLC?

No problem, we can help you set-up and register for VAT which will be mandatory for all non UK registered companies selling here. Then we will complete your VAT returns when necessary.

Selling Internationally into the UK & Europe – Beat your Competition, Protect your existing Business and make more money, what’s stopping you?

Expanding your Amazon business by selling Internationally into the UK & Europe has never made more sense that now, with compelling arguments in favour of such a move helping expand and develop already successful businesses. We do however fully understand the issues which is why we offer a full service and will help advise you on every aspect, allowing you take full advantage of taking your business International and selling into two of the largest marketplaces outside of the USA.

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But why is Selling internationally into the UK & Europe so important?

The two biggest Amazon markets OUTSIDE of the USA is the UK and Germany HOWEVER the single biggest reason to expand your business here is the whole market is under developed regarding your competition, so it offers you a great chance to use your knowledge and experience to sell more competitively in a relatively inexperienced marketplace.

It is also often one of the most cost effective ways of expanding your business, given you would have already done 95% of the development work in getting your products to market. (Which is quicker and carries a lot less risk than looking to develop new products as a way of expanding)

Another reason is it will help protect your existing business, so moving some of your business away from a saturated USA marketplace where the number of sellers has significantly increased, to one which offers much greater potential, will only ever help your business grow further whilst spreading your risk at the same time.

DID YOU KNOW: The UK and Germany are the largest Amazon Marketplaces outside of the USA and yet proportionately have the fewest largest sellers meaning both of these are underdeveloped and prime for an established seller to take full advantage of by using your experience and knowledge to sell more for a greater margin to make more profit.

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From Company Formations, VAT Advice & Compliance and Banking options to Storage working with UK FBA to Trade Finance – We Offer A Full Compliment of Services to help you & your Business Selling internationally into the UK & Europe.

Crossing the Pond, Expanding into Amazon Europe with Gianni Munday – Listen to this Podcast presented by Kevin Rizer of Private Label Podcast by clicking here

Ever thought about expanding your private label business into Amazon’s European marketplaces? In this episode, Kevin welcomes Gianni Munday of Extra Direct to the show to discuss the ins and outs of “Crossing the Pond” and expanding into and If this is on your to-do list, you can’t miss this episode!

Selling Internationally into the UK with Extra Direct
Selling Internationally into the UK and beyond with Extra Direct
Crossing the Pond, Expanding into Amazon Europe with Gianni Munday - Listen to the Podcast by clicking here

Company Formations

Register and Open your new Limited Company ready to start trading in the UK.

Business Accounts

Fully Regulated Business Accounts for All Non-UK Resident Directors & Shareholders.

Accountancy & VAT Advice

Full Accountancy, VAT & Tax Advice Services to ensure your business trades legally & compliantly in the UK

Fulfillment & Storage

From Port to your FBA centre, we can help you manage your stock, giving you one less thing to worry about

International Payments

Make Free International Payments at competitive rates from our FX Partners.

Trade Finance

For Amazon sellers, Trade Finance options are available to help fund your stock purchases.


CRG – Spain: You guys are so helpful and make things so much easier for us living abroad, I will highly recommend you. Thanks again.

PM – USA: Thanks for your help in setting up the accounts so quickly.  I’m impressed with your speedy service.

KP – USA: Wow thanks, you are amazing!

OB – Finland: Thanks a lot seems everything is working. It was very fast, definitely I will recommend your services!

CS – California: I’m so glad you can set it up easily. Thank you so much! You are awesome!

NC – UK: Got the account confirmed so I really can’t thank you enough.  You’re a legend and a massive help so again thank you

Expand your Business Internationally to the UK, Germany & Europe with Extra Direct

From structuring your company, tax & compliance advice, opening a business accounts, to UK storage with FBA and even Trade Finance.

We can help you from start to finish with expanding your business with a new UK company, enabling you to
exploit a new  additional marketplaces that offers great potential.

Don’t lose any more time and start selling in the most efficient way whilst beating your competitors at the same time!

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Extra Direct - selling Internationally into the UK
Warehousing and using FBA

Our Partners will assist you with storage so that your products in the UK can meet FBA requirements, giving you direct access to both the UK and EU marketplaces with Prime & Prime+1 delivery options respectively

Expand Your Business

Expand your existing business into the UK & Germany, a less saturated marketplace with some real potential!

Take Advantage of an Underdeveloped Market

It is well know the UK & Germany are two of the largest marketplace outside of the USA yet a lot less saturated, with less sellers and underdeveloped strategies, offering great potential

You've already done 95% of the work required

You already have everything in place to expand horizontally in to the UK & Germany, so getting set up and shipping some existing stock to the UK is all that is required

Trade Finance Opportunities

Trade Finance options are available to help fund your overseas expansions for ANY non UK resident Amazon sellers who have a UK registered business. Business account holders only and conditions apply.

Selling Internationally into the UK and Europe
VAT & Compliance Advice

Our Accountancy partners will ensure you are advised with all the necessary VAT and regulatory requirements, allowing you to trade legally and compliantly within the UK & EU, potentially saving you money and gaining a competitive edge.

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