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UK Business Banking - For all UK and Non-UK Residents

Open a UK Business Bank Account regardless where you reside, including those in often restricted countries.

Business Bank Accounts for All High Risk Business activities

We can open a business account facility for any High Risk businesses including those involved in Gaming/Gambling, Money Service Businesses (MSBs), FX Companies, Crypto Currency, Adult Entertainment or any other legally trading business activity.

Open a Business Banking Account regardless of any Adverse Credit

We can help open a Business Account including those with any Adverse Credit like CCJs, Defaults, Arrears, Bankruptcy or those in an IVA

Business Bank Accounts – We are a Specialist Business Banking Intermediary, here to help you open a business banking facilities for your company.

If you are need to Open a Business Bank Account then we can help regardless of your circumstances, including those who have Adverse Credit, are Non-UK residents or those with a High Risk business activity.

With the mainstream banks declining almost all applications for these type of businesses, your options will be very limited if you require a UK business banking facility.

There will be some options available, however you may require some assistance to source and complete the process.

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Why use us to help you Open a Business Bank Account?

Opening a business banking facility can be very problematic if you have Adverse Credit, operate a High Risk Business or are a Non-UK Resident,

If you find yourself having problems and your banking options severely restricted seeking specialist help might be your best option.

How Can we Help You Open a Business Bank Account?

Whilst we do not have a magic wand to open you an account with any of the high street banks, we do have a large and well established network of banks and business banking providers who are prepared to accept any type of legally trading business, regardless of any credit problems, if the applicants are non UK residents or the business falls into a high risk category.

Telephone +44 (0)20 3286 3929 (9am – 17.30pm GMT) or Contact Us online

We have an over 98% success rate of all Applicants who have a legitimate business and can be fully identified.

The three Steps to How our Service Works:

Step I. Obtain a Decision in Principle.

Our service focuses on first helping you find a suitable facility that will accept your application. As such we will approach our banking partners at a much higher level to see if in principle they would accept your application. Only if they will do will you need to fully engage us or pay us any fees.

2. Prepare and Submit your Application

Once we have a pre-approval we will confirm the details of the options available including any costs, so when you formally engage us to help you, we can be very confident we can complete the process and open a business bank account for you.

3. Complete the process and hand over your Business account

Once your application has been prepared and submitted, we will work with both you and the provider to ensure everything has been properly submitted, so to significantly increase the chances of being accepted.

Once your new business account has been confirmed opened, we will then remove ourselves from the process, have no access or further involvement and you will operate your new account, as you would with any other account.

Business Bank Accounts
Business Bank Accounts
Business Bank Accounts

Company Formations

Register and Open your new Limited Company ready to start trading in the UK.

Business Bank Accounts

Fully Regulated Business Accounts for All Non-UK Resident Directors & Shareholders.

Accountancy & VAT Advice

Full Accountancy, VAT & Tax Advice Services to ensure your business trades legally & compliantly in the UK

We can help Open Business Bank Accounts regardless of the Nature of your Business, Credit Rating or where you Live

From those living outside of the UK, to those with a severe credit problem and even high risk business activity, there’s an account available and suitable for you.

We can help you from start to finish by first sourcing and even applying for a variety of suitable Business Bank Accounts including for those who have struggled to open one with any of the mainstream banks here.

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Business Bank Accounts
Freedom of Choice
As we work with such a wide variety Business Bank Accounts providers, you may often get a choice of options, helping ensure you get the best facility available.
No Personal Visit Required
Theres no need to come to the UK or present yourself in person as we can often complete the application process using just copies or scans of all your important documentation.
Non UK Residents Welcome
All Non UK residents welcome with Business Bank Accounts available regardless of where you reside.
All Adverse Credit Applicants Accepted
With our Guaranteed No Credit Check Business Bank Accounts you can be sure to qualify for a business account even if you have the most severe credit trating
High Risk Business accepted
We can help with ALL high risk businesses, including Crypto, MSB, Gaming, FX, Finance and any other business activity.
Business Bank Accounts
Quick Decison & Fast Opening
Once you have provided all the necessary documentation, we will ensure your application is processed and opened in a matter of days.