Guaranteed Business Accounts

GUARANTEED for any Non UK resident Directors or those with Adverse Credit

Business bank accounts for bad credit and Non UK Residents.

Do you need to open a business account but have a poor credit rating or live outside of the UK? If so, we can help you with our Guaranteed Acceptance* and Opened in Days service – Click Here to Apply Now.

It has become increasingly difficult as the UK mainstream banks are reluctant to open accounts for anyone with adverse credit or those that don’t reside full time in the United Kingdom, making it almost impossible for many business owners to get any banking facilities.

Call 020 3286 3929 or Apply Online now to see how we can assist you.

It is essential for every UK registered company to have access to a business account in order for them to legitimately receive and make their UK payments, so it is very important to be able to open an account regardless if you have a poor credit rating or don’t live in the United Kingdom.

Your options with regards to the mainstream banks like Barclays, NatWest, HSBC etc will be very limited, as often if one of the mainstream banks decline your application, then the others will almost certainly follow suite.

We have a number of business account providers who will consider anyone with bad credit or those non UK residents who will also struggle as long as you have full identification documents and a genuine business.

These business accounts often offer all the necessary features to allow you to legitimately trade within the UK, so will often come with a UK Sort Code & Account number, Internet banking and Debit Bank Card, all of which can be opened considerably quicker than a mainstream bank.

We successfully open business bank accounts regardless of circumstances on a regular basis, including anyone with any type of bad credit and any non UK resident.

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Business account for non UK residents with no UK visist required
Business account for non UK residents
Quick to Open Option

We have access to Business accounts for non-UK residents that can be opened normally between 5 -10 working days once all your necessary Identification documents have been received which is considerably quicker than any of the mainstream banking options available and in most cases can be completed without the need to come to the UK.

Fully FCA Regulated and Approved.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is the UK regulatory body that overseas all financial aspects claiming to ‘protect and enhance the integrity of the UK financial system’. They are the governing body and ultimately control all authorisation for the banks and other financial institutions.

We ONLY work with organisations in the UK that are fully regulated by the FCA and with their respective authorities for any outside of the UK.

No UK Visit Required

In most cases there will be no requirement to visit the UK in order to open a business account for non UK residents however you will be required to provide all the necessary ID documentation in order to complete the process. So often copies of your Passport and proof of home address, along with any suitable business evidence, will suffice and is often accepted via email.

Mainstream Bank Accounts available

We can also offer mainstream business bank accounts with many of the UK’s mainstream banks, including HSBC, Nat West, Barclays & Santander however to process an application with any of these providers will certainly take longer, may require a UK visit and will almost certainly cost more to initially set up – but they will be available if that is your preference.

Internet Banking with Sort Code & Account Number

Once your new business account is fully opened you will have full Internet access to your account 24/7/365 in order to view your account activity or make payments directly out of the account. So regardless of where you live in the world you will always be in control of your finances.

Also every account within the UK comes with your own Sort Code & Account number, which is the UK’s method of transacting payments, meaning you can often make & receive payments a lot quicker and cheaper than those offered by International banks. They are also often an essential requirement for certain retailers like Amazon, who insist on this for any International or non-UK sellers.

No Contracts - Cancel anytime

Need some flexibility? No Problem, you can choose the option to close your account at any time with no penalty, giving you full flexibility which is ideal for any non UK residents

Company Formations

Register and Open your new Limited Company ready to start trading in the UK.

Business Accounts

Fully Regulated Business Accounts for All Non-UK Resident Directors & Shareholders.


Full Accountancy Services to ensure your business trades legally and compliantly in the UK.

Trade Finance

For Amazon sellers, Trade Finance options are available to help fund your stock purchases.

Legal Services

We offer a full legal support service, assisting you with any issues for trading within the UK.

Registered Offices

Every UK Limited Company requires a Registered Office with a choice for you to choose from.

International Payments

Make Free International Payments at competitive rates from our FX Partners.


Business Insurance

Complete Business Insurance, offering full protection for every company trading within the UK.

* Guaranteed Acceptance is based on all shareholders and directors being fully identified, so copies of valid ID documents and proof of home address must be provided as well as proof of business activity. All KYC (Know your client) and KYB (Know your business) checks MUST be completed before any business account can be approved. PLEASE NOTE: If you fail to provide the correct or sufficient ID documents your account may not be opened and therefore any fee paid will not be guaranteed or refunded, so please ensure you have all the necessary documents available before you proceed.