Business Bank Account for MSBs

Are you a Money Servcie Business and need a Business Bank Account?

Business Bank Account for MSBs


It can be very difficult, if not impossible, to open a new Business Bank Account for MSBs as all the mainstream banks regard these as too high risk and will almost certainly decline any new applications.

The main High Street Banks also are very proactive in closing any account they currently have for MSBs.

As they now fall outside of their risk appetite, they will decline any new application and close any exisitng accounts.

As such, opening an account for you with any of the mainstream banks will not be an option available.

HOWEVER we do have other options that will accept an application for an MSB business provided they are regulated by the FCA, either directly or indirectly.

There will almost certainly need to be some compromises, but in most cases these are minimal and will allow you to continue trading.


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How to Open a Business Bank Account for MSBs

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We can significantly increasing your chances of opening any business account facilities for any MSB.

Providing you have full identification documents and proof of business activity, then your chances of being accepted will be significanlty increased.

Whilst you may not have the choice and variety of options normally made available, there will almost certainly be UK options available.

They will offer essential key elements like sort-code & account number, client accounts and mulsti-currency options.

As with all applications for a MSB business account applications, you will need to go through the usual identity, proof of home address and due diligence checks.

Once that process has benn completed, all genuine trading money service businesses that are regulated by the FCA should go through to completion.

Business Bank Account for MSBs – Click Here to Apply

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