Bank Account for Gambling Company

Business banking available for all Gambling and Gaming Companies

Bank Account for Gambling Company – Fully Regulated UK GBP Account with Online Access and Unlimited Balances.

At Extra Direct, we have opened a number of new bank accounts for gambling companies in the UK. Whilst the mainstream banks here have no appetite for this type of business, we do have some options that will consider an application and offer all the necesary requirements to make and receive UK payments.

With our assistance, you can quickly open a business account to allow you to trade and build your gambling or gaming business without the need to take your payments or banking options abroad.

With our Specialist Service your new gambling business account could be opened within days.

Quick approval

No personal visit required

Available regardless of the nature of your business

ALL Gambling Accepted

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When applying for a Business Account for Gambling Company you must have:

Bank Account for Gambling Company

A UK Limited Company
Only companies registered at Companies House accepted

Bank Account for Gambling Company

Photographic ID
Valid Passport and Proof of Home Address

We can help open a business account for all gambling companies however whilst most accounts will come with full functionality, others may vary depending on suitability and will be subject to all the regular Identity and Anti Money Laundering checks.

With our dedicated service we can help you from start to finish by first sourcing a gambling banking facility, right the way through to completing the application process to ensure once started, your account will be fully approved and opened in days.

With all the mainstream banks refusing to accept gambling and gaming companies, your options will be very limited however every one of our options will offer a GBP current account with a UK Sort Code & Account number with online banking plus in most cases a debit card, ensuring you can easily transact without the need to use an account in Malta or Cyprus.

We can help Open Bank Account for Gambling Company and Gaming Companies

From those who have struggled to get an account or been given notice to close your account, there’s an account available and suitable for you.

We can help you from start to finish by first sourcing and even applying for a variety of suitable Bank Account for Gambling Company including for those who have struggled to open one due to being involved in the Gambling industry.

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Please note: All Gambling business must be regulated by the Gambling Commission who license and regulate the people and businesses that provide gambling in Great Britain.