How to open a UK Business bank account for a Chinese resident

If you are looking to open a UK Business bank account for a Chinese resident, then we can help.

Whilst your options may be slightly limited, we do have some banking partners who will open a business account for you.

The high street banks in the UK will often not accept anyone who is a non UK resident, even if they travel to the UK.

This can make it very difficult for any Chinese residents looking to open a UK business bank account.

However, there are some excellent options and often available without the need to travel to the UK.

What are the minimum requirements to open a UK Business bank account for a Chinese resident?

The one thing any Chinese resident would require will be to register a UK Limited Company if they want a UK banking facility.

It is a relatively simple process to register a company in the UK, as long as you have a UK address and at least one director & shareholder.

(If you require any advice on registering a UK Limited Company or using our address for your company, please email us at

The other requirement will be to provide some proof of business, which can be a website, link to your online marketplace or other evidence.

All directors and main shareholders must provide valid Identification documents, like a valid passport or other photo identification.

Proof of your home address would also be required, with some providers requiring a certified translation for certain countries.

What type of business banking facilities can you expect to have access to?

The most important requirement for accepting UK payments is a sort code and account number.

This allows you to make and receive UK GBP faster payments.

You will also have Online and Mobile banking, meaning you can access your account anywhere in the world.

This will allow you to make and receive payments and have full access to your account 24 hours a day.

The use of a debit or bank card will very much depend on who will offer you a business bank account.

All of our business banking providers are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Some banking providers will offer a card but others may restrict it depending on what country you live in.

The one thing you will NOT be required to do, is present yourself in person.

The whole application process can be completed without the need to travel to the UK.

For details on how to open UK Business bank account for a Chinese resident please contact us.

We will be able to confirm your options and how to apply once we have more information.

So to proceed, please either Apply Online or telephone us on +44 20 32 86 39 29

Alternatively, you can email us at where we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

UK Business bank account for a Chinese resident