There are a number of UK Business Accounts for French residents however your options may be limited.

It can be very difficult for to open any UK Business accounts for French residents with any of the mainstream banks.

Banks like like HSBC, Lloyds, Barclays, NatWest etc generally do not have an appetite for non resident applicants.

As such it can make it very difficult if you need a business banking facility to accept GBP payments in the UK.

Although the mainstream banks here may decline you, there are some options available that will consider all French residents.

They must have a UK Limited Company and be able to provide photographic identification with proof of their business activity.

What type of business accounts will be available for French Residents?

Typically all UK Business accounts for French residents come with a sort-code & account number with online & mobile banking.

They will allow you to make and receive all local UK Faster Payments, with some also offering International payments.

Depending on the banking provider, a bank card may also be available.

There is no requirement to travel to England or to present yourself in person.

The whole application process can be completed online.

This makes all applications considerably easier to complete, meaning your account can be opened very quickly.

Are these UK Business accounts for French residents quick to open?

Once all documentation has been received it will only take a few days to open a UK Business accounts for French residents.

This means that you can get your account details and start transacting almost immediately your business account has been approved.

All providers we work with are also fully regulated by the FCA, meaning that any funds in your account will be fully protected.

For more details on how to open a UK Business accounts for French residents contact on +44 20 32 86 39 29

Or Apply Online by Clicking Here

UK Business accounts for French residents