International Pre-paid Debit Card


International Pre-paid Debit Card

Open a pre-paid debit card and provide full ID to enable you to load unlimited funds, spend unlimited cleared funds, withdraw up to €2000.00 day (currency equivalent) and use where ever you see the MasterCard® sign.


International Pre-paid Debit Card available regardless of where you live*

Do you have a UK Business bank account and require a debit card but can’t get one?

Open a Pre-paid Debit Card and link this directly to your online business account to give you access to your funds via a MasterCard® Chip & Pin Card.

Load unlimited funds, spend whatever is your cleared balance on account and withdraw up to £1,600.00 a day from any ATM (Subject to completed Identity checks)

You must have a GBP Business or Personal account with a UK Sort Code & Account number to load your funds.

To enjoy the full features and benefits of this International Pre-paid card you will be required to provide suitable Identification documents however they are still available with a lifetime maximum balance of €2.500 (or GBP equivalent)



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