Our Amazon Business Services

We are pleased to Share with You our Plan for Your Future!

Extra Direct – Who are We and What We think is Important.

Reliable, Expert, Honest, Efficient and Available – All the things we think you will expect when looking for a strategic relationship to help you move your existing Amazon business into the UK, Germany and other parts of Europe.

We fully appreciate just how frustrating it can be when considering opening a new business or moving an existing business to a foreign country, so having an honest reliable business who has expert knowledge of all the key requirements, will allow you to focus on the key parts of your business whilst taking comfort that you have expert advice on hand when you need it.

We pride ourselves in the high level of customer services we and our key partners delivery where we will always endeavour to to take as much of the stress & strain away from you at a time when your energy will be much better spent elsewhere.


Who are the most Important people in our organisation?

Well you may ask who are the most important people in ANY organisation and most will often come up with the same answer but we are different as we have some very important people including ALL the following:

  1. You – Our clients are incredibly important as without them we would not have a business.
  2. Our Partners – They are also incredibly important as without them we would not have a business.
  3. Our Staff – Of course they too are incredibly important as without them we would not have a business.
So we think all these people are equally key components to our business and by ensuring we all work in harmony and together, will ensure everyone’s expectations are met, your business grows here in the UK whilst we continue to deliver & provide a quality service you can rely and depend upon.

Enquire online or speak to us on +44 20 3286 3929 where we will be happy to help.

Company Formations

Register and Open your new Limited Company ready to start trading in the UK.

Business Accounts

Fully Regulated Business Accounts for All Non-UK Resident Directors & Shareholders.

Accountancy & VAT Advice

Full Accountancy, VAT & Tax Advice Services to ensure your business trades legally & compliantly in the UK

Fulfillment & Storage

From Port to your FBA centre, we can help you manage your stock, giving you one less thing to worry about

International Payments

Make Free International Payments at competitive rates from our FX Partners and save money repatriating funds

Trade Finance

For Amazon sellers, Trade Finance options are available to help fund your stock purchases.