International Pre-paid Card for your UK Business Account

Link a GBP Pre-paid card to your new UK Business Account

Order a Pre-paid card to link to your new UK Business Account

The online business accounts designed for non-UK residents generally offer only the real essentials to make and receive GBP payments via a sort-code and account number however they rarely offer a card facility, which many of our clients feels would be a very useful addition.

As such we have access to a very special Pre-paid MasterCard® which can be easily loaded form your new UK business account generally available for almost any International resident who can be formally identified.

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Can I load from my UK business account?

Essentially yes as all you will need to do is make an internal GBP payment, quote your unique reference number and as soon as your credit has been loaded, you will receive a notification, meaning your funds will be available via the chip & pin card.

AP Wilson prepaid card

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Is there a daily maximum limit I can spend or withdraw?

Yes however the limits are very generous, meaning it will be very unlikely you will be over restricted on the available.

Once you have been fully approved and formally identified you can hold an unlimited balance on the card with an unlimited daily spending and cash withdrawal limit of up to £1,600 (or currency equivalent)

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I am not a UK resident, so can I still get a GBP pre-paid card?

Yes, however there are some restrictions* imposed by the provider, but assuming you can identify yourself with valid photo ID and proof of home address, then we will almost certainly be able to assist you.

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Can I use the card online or to pay my UK GBP bills?

Yes, you can use your new MasterCard® online, in store, at a can machine and almost anywhere that shows the MasterCard® sign.

It is a pre-paid card so you will need to preload the card with a balance plus there are some retailers who may limit the use of such a payment card (petrol stations are one example) but the vast majority of locations are able to accept as a form of payment and cash machines to withdraw cash funds.

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What are the charges and fees for the pre-paid card?

We are unable to list all the charges however we have listed them on a PDF document so you can see the various parts and what the cost will be before ordering.

Please download by clicking the following link: APW-Cardholder Fees-GBP

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Some Key Features & Charges:

Card Purchase £149.00
Monthly Account Fee £FREE
Maximum lifetime loads Lifetime Unlimited
Card load by GBP Bank Per Transaction £3.00
POS Purchases Day Unlimited £FREE
Max Daily ATM Cash (2 x £800) £1 600
Max daily load Per Day £16 000
ATM Cash Withdrawal  (Max 2 per day) £3.00 + 0.25%

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