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There is a growing number of foreign business owners asking if to need a UK address to open a British business bank account.

In truth you don’t need a UK address to open a British business bank account unless you register a UK Limited Company.

In those circumstances then you will require the use of a UK address, if only as a Registered address.

When you register a UK limited company there are certain things that are mandatory for your business.

One of which is to have a UK registered address, even if you do not live here.

That does not mean you have to physically work or live here, but you must have an address linked to the business.

The majority of foreign business owners have no requirement to even travel to the UK, even if they trade here.

As such they require a British business bank account that they can use remotely.

So are there a British business bank account that accept foreign business owners?

Yes there are a growing number of British business bank accounts that will consider a foreign business owner.

There will be certain checks that will need to be completed before any account would be opened.

As such, depending on where you reside may have an impact on what type of account would be available.

For those who reside within the European Union, then identifying an applicant can be reasonably straight forward.

However for those who are further afield, then depending on where you live will determine what your options are.

For those in places such as USA, Canada or the Australias, then there will be a number of option.

But for those in countries outside of the EU, then identifying an individual could take a little more time to complete.

Either way, every application for a British business bank account will require a UK registered address if you register your company here.

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