Bank Account for Online Sellers

Open a Bank Account for your UK Business

Bank Account for Online Sellers – Apply Here and other Markeplaces will insist on only paying a business account in the name of your UK Limited Company when sending funds through for your sales, however if you are not a UK resident, opening Bank Account for Online Sellers can be very challenging.

It is far more beneficial for you to register a UK Limited Company to take advantage of all the benefits it brings BUT with if you can only accept payments into a business account in the name of that Limited Company, you could face a problem collecting your money.

So how can we help you Open a Bank Account for Online Sellers if you are not a UK resident?

STEP 1:  Register a UK Limited Company
STEP 2:  Open a UK Bank Account for Online Sellers to collect your payments
STEP 3:  Obtain VAT/Compliance Advice & Register with HMRC for your EORI number
STEP 4:  Arrange UK Storage and FBA Services

The easiest, quickest and often the best option will be to open an online account which will satisfy all your requirements, as it can be opened in your Limited Company name meaning you will be able to legitimately accept their regular payments and subsequently move the funds on from there. However under certain circumstances, we can also OPEN A MAINSTREAM BANK here too.

Apply for your Bank Account for Online Sellers by Clicking here or Telephone us on +44 (0)20 3286 3929 for more advice.

We have direct access to a number of banks and facilities that will consider applications for non-UK residents provided you have some formal identification documents and are directly introduced by us. The main benefit of this is No UK Visit is Required and the account can often be Opened in Days.

These business accounts are specifically designed for Amazon and other Online sellers regardless of where in the world they reside. (Conditions apply)

Bank Account for Online Sellers
How Can I Open a Bank Account for Online Sellers?


Easy – As long as you have a UK registered Limited Company with suitable photo and proof of home address ID for all the directors and main shareholders, then we can do the rest. Depending on the type of account you require will depend on any other conditions, but this is the minimum requirement.

You can simply Apply Online via this link and we will confirm everything else, including costs, before you have to proceed – Bank Account for Online Sellers

What Information do you need to complete the application?

For the business we will require:

Limited Company name and Registered Address details
Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
Link to one of your Amazon or other marketplace accounts (preferably the UK one but other if that is not available yet)

For EVERY Director and Shareholder with over 10% share of the business we will require:

Full name & home address
Date of Birth
All contact details – Phone & email address
Photo Identification – Valid passport, Identity card or driving licence
Proof of home address – Recent Utility bill, tax demand, personal bank statement etc

Do I need to come to the UK and how long will it take to open?


The huge benefit of allowing us to help you is that you will NOT be required to come to the UK to register your company or open you Amazon bank account – we will be able to do EVERYTHING remotely.

You may be required to have your documents notarised however there are occasions when even that may not be necessary if we can identify you electronically – either through your Passport or for USA citizens, your SSN (Social Security Number)

If you require a more mainstream Business Bank Account then you may need to come to the UK, but you will almost certainly have the choice.

Open your Bank Account for Online Sellers in a matter of Days not months!

When you make your application through us, we will open your Bank Account for Online Sellers (Click here to Apply) in days once all your documents have been received and the application fee paid, which will be by far the quickest option available regardless of where you reside.

Bank Account for Online Sellers selling in to the UK

Bank Account for Online Sellers – Features of an Online business account.

The payment system in the UK uses two key parts – the Sort Code, which identifies the bank and ‘branch’ and a unique Account Number.

These two things are ESSENTIAL to receive and make domestic UK payments, as using anything else (like an IBAN, SWIFT or BIC) will classify your payments as ‘International’ which will almost certainly incur a large transaction fee, where as with these accounts, the domestic transaction costs are often INCLUDED in the monthly account fee.

So using anything other than a UK based business account may not be workable for many non resident business owners or Directors.

Here are some of the features you can be sure will be INCLUDED with your new Bank Account for Online Sellers:

  • UK Sort Code & Account Number
  • Internet & Online Banking
  • UK-UK Payments
  • International Payments*
  • Regular Payments & Direct Debits*
  • Payment Card*
  • SAFE: Fully Regulated & Authorised by the FCA
  • No long term contracts – cancel at anytime

Bank Account for Online Sellers – Guaranteed Acceptance, but what are the costs and charges?

The cost for each application will almost certainly vary as each business is often very difficult, plus an account with one Director & Shareholder will be easier to open than say for one which has several Directors & Shareholders, plus an online account will often be cheaper to open that a mainstream bank acocunt, however EVERY APPLICATION IS FULLY GUARANTEED, so in the highly unlikely event your application is declined, then your application fee will be fully REFUNDED if we are unable to open an alternative account.

  • Application fee: From £495.00 online account (No UK visit required) & from £1,250.00 for mainstream bank.
  • Monthly fee: Zero – £24.99 (Varies depending on provider)
  • Additional Director/Shareholders: £50.00 each
  • International Payments facility: FREE with every opened Business account

Bank Account for Online Sellers – Apply online by Clicking Here

IMPORTANT SMALL PRINT DETAILS: (Please note this as it may be important to you)

OUR GUARANTEED: We will 100% Guaranteed your application or FULLY REFUND any monies paid if your application is unsuccessful HOWEVER, we will NOT REFUND for the following reasons:

  • If you cancel your application AFTER it has been accepted by us
  • If you fail to provide suitable ID & proof of address documents when requested
  • If you misrepresent or falsely ANY information during the application process
  • Fail to disclose any information you are aware of which may be relevant to your application

Company Formations

Register and Open your new Limited Company ready to start trading in the UK.

Business Accounts

Fully Regulated Business Accounts for All Non-UK Resident Directors & Shareholders.

Accountancy & VAT Advice

Full Accountancy, VAT & Tax Advice Services to ensure your business trades legally & compliantly in the UK

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International Payments

Make Free International Payments at competitive rates from our FX Partners and save money repatriating funds

Trade Finance

For Amazon sellers, Trade Finance options are available to help fund your stock purchases.

  • International Payments Account available subject to further approval and not guaranteed. Additional application charges may apply subject to conditions.
  • Pre-paid Debit Cards available subject to an application fee. Some residents or citizens of certain countries may be excluded due to FATCA regulations.
  • Express Service subject to ALL required documentation and information being officially received. Failure to provide all documentation and information may cause a delay in the completion of your application and will therefore may not be guaranteed to be opened in the specified time shown.